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How to talk to your Fijit

  1. The light on her belly will be on when she is waiting for you to speak to her. Press her belly light now and see what happens!
  2. When her belly light isn’t on that means she is not listening.
  3. As soon as you turn her on she will ask you, “What do you want to do now?” This means she is ready to go.


  • If you want to see her dance, say “Dance with me.”
  • She will then ask if you want to listen to your tunes or hers. Decide which you prefer and respond by saying either “Mine” or “Yours.”
  • If you just want to talk then say, “Chat with me.”
  • Your Fijit may ask about the weather. You can tell her if it is, “Hot,” “Cold,” “Rainy,” “Snowing,” “Warm” or “Sunny.”
  • She may ask how you are feeling. You can answer by saying, “Great,” “Sleepy,” “Sad,” “Bored,” “Happy” or “Fine.”
  • She may ask you what’s going on today or what you are up to.  You can answer by saying “School,” “Nothing,” “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Weekend” or if you are “Going to” go somewhere.
  • To listen to one of her jokes you need to say, “Tell me a joke”. She may tell you a knock knock joke so make sure you respond by saying “Who’s there?”
  • If it is time for sleep just say, “Good Night”.
  • Sometimes she may give you a loving compliment. If she does, make sure you say “Thank you” to her.
  • Whenever she asks you a question, you can respond with “Yes,” “Yeah,” “Okay,” “Sure,” or “No.”
For an easy to read list check out this reference card


How to use the buttons on her head

  • If you press the Home Button, (the image of the little house), she will say, “What do you want to do now?” This means she is ready to chat, dance, joke or sleep.
  • The Chirp Button, (the image of a little circle), should be held down for 3 seconds to activate, “Sonic Chirp”. In this mode she can unlock secret codes that will make her react in different ways.
Click here to go to the Sonic Chirp codes.


How to use the Chirp Mode

Sonic Chirps are secret codes that your Fijit can understand. When she detects the chirp she may do all kinds of new fun stuff such as dance, sing or tell a new joke.

To activate the Sonic Chip you need to go to the official Fijit Friends website and click on the “Discover Chirps” section.

  • After she is turned “On,” just hold down the Sonic Chirp button for 3 seconds. Her belly will light will begin to blink and you will hear a “boop” sound. This means she is listening for a sonic chirp.
  • The sonic chirp can work up to 20 feet away. If you have any trouble, try adjusting the volume on your computer.
  • You can press her belly, click the Home button or Chirp button to exit the Mode.


What is Beat Detection?

This comes into play when you are in Dance Mode. Your Fijit will ask if you want to dance to your tunes or hers. If you say “Mine”, she will listen to whatever music you play. So, put some music on, wait for 5 seconds and then watch her dance to your music.

Her dance timing will match your choice of music and if she pauses don’t worry as she is just checking to make sure the music is still playing.


Problem Solving Buy Fijit Friends

What to do if your Fijit isn’t listening to you.

  • Make sure that the power switch is in the “On” position.
  • Make sure you speak up and speak clearly. She won’t hear you if you whisper.
  • Make sure you say the entire phrase listed on the Reference Card. Example, say “Dance with me,” instead of just “Dance”.
  • Make sure her belly is lit. If it is not lit then she is not ready to hear you.
  • Make sure there is no background noise when you are chatting.
  • She will hear you more clearly if you are 1 to 2 feet away.