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Willa is the trend setter of the group. She is the one who likes to keep in tune with the latest fashions and popular trends. As well as fashion she also likes to learn about any kind of new ideas and cool things. In this area she is a step ahead of everyone else and knows when something is going to be a hit or not.

You could say that she is the leader of the group. Willa has a natural confidence about her and is probably the more stylish of the Fijits.

Willa is purple and has removable ears that are long, thin and curl around.
As with all the other Fijit Friends, Willa has her own unique personalities and jokes.

Willa likes to laugh ’til her sides hurt, dance ’til she’s dizzy, and just be herself with her one true bestie!


Willa Likes… Willa Fijit

  • Designing clothes and keeping track of the latest fashion.
  • Anything to do with Art.
  • Comedy movies.
  • Groovy music.
  • Spicy food.


New Accessory Packs

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Willa Interactive Doll

Now you can customize your very own interactive robot with these cool attachments.

  1. New ears: You can add a fresh new look to Willa everyday!
  2. Earlets: These are like anklets for the Fijit’s ears.
  3. Friendship Bracelets: Wear this around your wrist to show your friends.

The accessory pack comes in four different colors to suit each of the four Fijit Friends Interactive dolls.Remember, you can mix and match everything! So if you have all these dolls you can mix up all the accessories to make your own style of robot friend.


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  • Girls can poke and squeeze her soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements and fun surprises.
  • FIJIT Friends can respond with more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes!
  • Features voice recognition, beat detection capabilities, and includes her own original songs too!
  • They can identify approximately 30 phrases.
  • They have an internal speaker and memory.
  • Have over 5 minutes of music, speech and SFX.
  • Identifies music beat and adjusts dance timing.
  • Recognizes and dances to external music.
  • Unique glowing face display.
  • Bright, multi-color face display.
  • Elastic skin and soft body create unique, organic animation.



Dimensions: 10.5 x 4.9 x 8.5 inches
Weight: 1.6lbs
Batteries: 5 AA batteries required. (included)

 Willa Fijit


If you want to learn a little bit more about this Serafina Fijit then read the update below.

Here is a short update review of the toy gathered from actual Fijit Friends customers.

Willa being the most popular of the Fijits also has the most customer reviews. The opinions spread across the board with positive comments just edging ahead.

When buying a Fijit the first thing you must do is replace the batteries it came in. These batteries are for demonstration purposes only and are not designed to be used once the item is bought. This seems to be where many of the “lack of Fijit response” comes from. Your toy just won’t function correctly without fresh batteries.

Customers are happy with the look and feel of the Willa Fijit and say to expect the voice recognition to work around 70% of the time when in use.

Someone mentioned that although the body is nice and squishy the material it is made of seems to attract all kinds of things and gets dirty fairly quickly. You can clean Willa but make sure not to use any chemicals.

I think when looking at all these reviews I have noticed that those children who were happiest with the toy were under 10 years old.